Facilities and Capabilities

Lombard Swiss has a wide range of equipment to suit your production needs. All of our work is done in-house by our experienced staff, including engineering, set-up, production, and inspection. We also have in-house drilling, milling, threading, and polishing secondary operations available.
We machine a wide range of ferrous-based, stainless, alloy titanium, copper-based, and plastic materials. We can accomodate .024-.812" diameter parts up to 12" in length on a selection of machines, including:

  • 35x Strohm 125
  • 5x Strohm SJ 125
  • 4x Strohm 45
  • 2x Tornos R20
  • 2x Tornos R10
  • 3x Tornos M7
  • 2x Bechler AR10
  • 3x Esco D2
  • 2x Esco D4
  • 3x Esco D6
  • 1x SST-16 Star CNC
  • 4x RNC-16 Star CNC
  • 2x VNC-20 Star CNC

We work closely with platers, heat treaters, grinders, and other secondary operation providers to accomodate a wide variety of specialty specifications.

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